Thursday, June 13, 2024

 In The Battle Against Time

the first casualty was the floor,

dog hair was swept up into

a pile, the size of a small rodent,

and then the dogs were taken outside

brushed forcefully, only to have 

another pile, the size of a small

rodent to dispose of, and I pondered

attaching the vacuum, directly

to the dogs

the floor is now hairless, mostly

dog footprints linger everywhere

proof of all the rain, with 

more to come, which begs the question,

why bother?

my patience was the second casualty

youngest daughter saw the doctor

a three hour round trip which

involves driving asshats, a daughter 

who tugs on my arm, endlessly 

and old men with seemingly 

no idea of speed limits, tottering


groceries were bought, not

what I needed for tomorrow, 

but what I've run out of, now

the third casualty was the sink

the toilet was in need of a clean,

small clumps of shit

stuck to the rim, nobody

wants to see that, 

while I waited for the bedsheets 

to finish in the dryer

said toilet was given 

a once over, restored

to it's former glory

the sink can wait

the fourth casualty was

the dishes, some were

crammed into the dishwasher

others sit in the sink, stacked

ready for their bath

housework is like triage

who will see what

and how much dirt 

is acceptable

there is only so much time

in a day

hours spent driving,

walking dogs

prepping meals

something's got to give

today there were casualties


  1. That poem is magnificent! Captures the time vs tasks struggles so well, and the endless repetition. Hope it is very widely read.

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  3. Very well done! And do I know the feeling.

    1. A common feeling isn't it, especially with dogs and just life.

  4. Love your poem, Pixie! There's never enough hours in a day, is there.

  5. I seem to be engaged in a long ruinous retreat-- like Napoleon from Moscow. Thank you for the metaphor and the oh so apt poem!
    I'd like to post it on my Facebook page. May I? But I know you value your privacy. If it's okay for me to post it, what sort of attribution should I use? Just Pixie? A link to the blog? Some other name?

    1. You can post it to facebook if you like, but no link please. You can use the name Pixie and thanks for asking.

  6. What a fabulous and evocative way to write a post! I could feel your fatigue and frustration through your words.

    1. Too much driving yesterday, six hours when all added up. Sigh.

  7. I like that. I am learning how to triage house cleaning, that is which cleaner to call to visit. Really, I only need someone to clean my shower but they can do the whole ensuite to make it worth their while. I can do the rest, which I am also triaging.

  8. Yes. You wrote a very fine poem.
    Here is a haiku for you:
    Two dogs in the house
    Make a life so much harder
    I guess they're worth it.

    (Sorry. That last line really has an extra syllable.)

    1. Two dogs do make life harder, especially when they're shedding their winter coats.

  9. Dave and I actually vacuumed our dogs once. It didn't work as well as we had hoped.

    1. My dad used to vacuum their cat, she loved it.

  10. Arguably, Charles Sangster was Canada's greatest ever poet - until now. Overtaken by Nurse Lily Pixie.

    1. I'd never heard of Charles Sangster, so thanks for introducing me to his writing.

  11. Has your retirement started? I think it has! I hope it has! Take time to enjoy your garden!

    1. It starts at the end of the month. I'm on holidays right now:)