Monday, March 6, 2023

I've been writing here for almost ten years and before that there were other blogs where I wrote for about another ten years.  I even went to a blog conference many years ago in Chicago.  My blog was called tired mummy and it was about taking care of Katie.  When I told people at the conference the name of my blog, their eyes glazed over and they found an excuse to wander away, except for one or two people.  One woman I met was wonderful; she felt like one of those people you've always known.  She was familiar.  We kept in touch for awhile, but life.  I wonder what happened to her.  She had a son name Roan who must be fully grown now.

I think it's time to take a break for awhile from blogging.  I will probably still read blogs and maybe even leave comments but something's changed for me, not sure what, but blogging has become work instead of an outlet for me.  

Friday, March 3, 2023

We had some new snow last week, I think it was.  I can't remember, not long ago.  It's made everything nice and clean looking again, for a few days anyway.  Heidi and I are enjoying are walks at the dog park.  She likes to poop in the woods (who am I to judge).  I just like listening to the birds and petting friendly dogs.


I have to go to physio today for another assessment and for rehab, despite having no foot pain.  Have I mentioned how much I dislike being told what to do?  Because I really hate it.  The worst part is that every person I talk to about my foot has the wrong diagnosis, except for my podiatrist.  Fortunately my podiatrist comes back from holidays next week and I have an appointment on the 11th so that she can clear me to go back to work.  Sigh.

Just got back from physio, what a nice young man.  He asked me why I was there and he was fine with my swearing.  He assessed my foot and did give me some toe exercises because I have big toe pain.  He doesn't think I need physio. HAH!

My renter moves out of the condo this weekend and next I will paint the condo.  Hopefully I can get it done in a week.

Jack is now spending four nights with us and three nights with his mom.  He's exhausted when he comes back to us, not getting enough sleep.  He also has a TV in his room at her apartment, because every child needs that to improve their sleep habits.  She put one in his room when he was nine months old.  We have a guardian meeting on Monday so I guess we'll see comes of that.  Last night at supper he wouldn't eat what he had asked for, pizza and then yelled at me that he wanted candy NOW after he refused to eat it.  I told him that didn't work with me and he didn't get any candy.  His behavior is getting worse, the more time he spends with his mom.  It's so strange how that seems to happen.  It's almost like there's some kind of correlation there.

My depression has lifted, thank god.  

I checked to see if he had really written this and he had.