Sunday, February 11, 2024

Conversations over the past week with Jack.

Jack put my indoor shoes on his feet and then proceeded to shake his bum.  "Look at me poppa!  I do old lady dance."

There was a long involved story about Wyatt at his preschool and apparently Wyatt kept saying fuckin'.  Fuckin' was repeated over and over again as Jack told us the story of what happened at school that day. It took a lot for me to not laugh out loud.  The story ended with Jack telling us that fuckin' was a bad word. 

He asked me this morning, while we were driving, when was I going to die.  He also wanted to know when his parents were going to die and how would he pay for furniture when he was a man.

Explained that he didn't like human food.  Human=adult.

He went to a birthday party yesterday and got a loot bag.  He couldn't find all of the toys from the loot bag this morning and he told us he was angry about that.  Of course he'd left those tiny toys all over the house and I pointed that out to him, as we collected them up and put them back in the loot bag.

 He decorated the lightswitch faceplate this past week.

We go to court again on Tuesday.  Gracie found a job last week, rehoming homeless people, which I applaud but I also know it will trigger her.  Last time she had a job like that, it didn't work out well for her.  There is a lot of trauma and grief involved in a job with homeless people.  One of her clients overdosed, and there were a lot of drugs and alcohol involved.  I guess we'll see.

Good things?

Hugs, from Jack and the big guy
Dog walks
Wonderful young women to work with
Dog love
Lunch with Katie
A few good books


  1. Never a dull moment with Jack -- oh, to see life through the eyes of a little boy, eh?

  2. Smart boy! My grandchild's new to go to word is "anxious" . As in waiting makes me anxious, eating green beans also, ditto with having to get dressed in the morning and so on.

  3. Kids. I just love the fact that Jack is worried about how he'll buy furniture when he's a man. That is a serious concern.

  4. I just love the decorated light switch.

  5. I think he is a smart boy. He's creative, I like the decor around the like switch! All your good things are happy making things.

  6. Love the Jack stories. The way they think is incredible and creative. My 3 1/2 grandson has picked up the f-word. I would wish that my daughter and SIL would watch their language a bit better. He's going to get in trouble at daycare!

  7. Small kids come out with the most surprising things because they haven't quite learnt the rules of engagement yet. In that sense they are freer than we are.

  8. I've started reading your blog and I'm trying to work my way back some to understand the situation with Jack a little better, but I have to say that based on what I've read so far, he's an adorable little guy. :)