Friday, September 2, 2022

My foot still hurts and so I limp through each day; by the end of the day, my back, my knees, my legs and especially my right side ache with tight muscles and improperly used joints.

I'm taking anti-imflammatories again so my stomach hurts.

At work we have a twenty-two year old young woman dying of gastric cancer, her mother both angry and sad beyond words.

Covid continues on it's relentless march and Miss Katie has it again, mild thank goodness.

Gracie has been evicted from her apartment and she and Jack are living with her mother.  That won't go well.

My husband's family is a hot mess and I am sad and angry about it all but it's not my story.

My husband is hurt and sad and angry.

My flowers are dying, as they do every fall.  Trees are turning colour and leaves are dropping.  Summer is over but not the heat.

Jack comes tonight to stay for the weekend.  Tomorrow we will all spend the day with my daughter in law and other grandson at the spray park.  Children will play and laugh, fun will be had, love will be given.

And so it goes.  Life ebbs and flows, some days good, some days relentless.  Right now I have no energy to do much of anything but that will pass.


I just got a text this morning, that was sent yesterday, that Jack and Gracie are heading out to BC this morning to visit Gracie's sister for two weeks so we won't get to see Jack for another two weeks and god help that family if anything happens to Jack in the mean time.  Gracie's sister is one of Jack's guardians but she lied about where she lived so that she could become his guardian so I don't trust her either.

And I'm off work for another month.  


  1. To everything there is a season...The Bible gets some things right.

  2. The ups and downs, the inevitable roller coaster of life. It sounds like you are focusing on the fun weekend with Jack and on spending time with your other grandson. It's all we can do sometimes.

  3. Aaaargh - the foot, the wretched foot. A bad foot ruins everything. I do wish that could be sorted out for you. Have fun at the spray park, kids love those things.

  4. Hurt and angry, I'm sorry. Having your grandchildren with you, going to the park, that's a good thing.

  5. It is good that you have the wisdom to know that 'this too shall pass'. So often people give into despair, forgetting entirely that things will get better.

  6. Oh my word, what a nightmare. I'm so, so sorry. I'm glad to hear Ms Katie only has a mild case of covid and I hope she gets over it quickly!

  7. After the lovely holiday on Vancouver Island, it sounds as though harsh reality is kicking in again - with vengeance.

  8. I am so sorry The Big Guy is struggling with family stuff. And wee Jack is caught up with Gracie's dramas again. And your foot is playing up.
    As the seasons change and you are facing your cold, hard winter it is not surprising you are feeling a bit down with everything else going on. Hang in there, it will get better. It always does.

  9. Anything good happening?

  10. 37paddington: careful with the foot. Favoring the painful foot can set the whole scaffold off balance causing all the end of day aches. I hope all goes well for Jack till he is back safe in your care. As for your husbands’s family—girl, I get it. Sorry to say, not much you can do except be his rock though it. It may not ever change.

  11. Life sounds like a whirlwind! I hope Jack's visit to BC goes okay. Is the sister at least more responsible than Gracie, if not exactly trustworthy?