Saturday, March 12, 2022

There are one thousand babies born in Ukraine every day.  Babies don't understand war; they come when they come.  

Human traffickers are taking advantage of the chaos at borders and vulnerable children are going missing.  Parents are desparate to keep their children safe and are sending them to meet relatives or friends and in some cases there is nobody to meet them.

Cancer doesn't care if there's a war going on.  Cancer patients need treatment to survive.

Lviv Opens Its Arms To Ukraine's Displaced Cancer Patients (

Diabetics need their insulin and food on a regular basis.

Patients with heart conditions need their medications.

People with breathing problems need their medications.

Covid hasn't stopped in Ukraine.

People like Katie need to be cared for.

I could go on and on.  People need a health care system that can care for them and Ukrainians have lost that.  

My point is that Ukrainians are dying and not just from bombs and gunshots.  

We applied to take a refugee family today.  It's the least we can do.  



  1. Well I hope you do get to help a Ukrainian family. If they arrive, will they live in your rental or in your own house?

  2. You've reminded me of my Vietnamese friend who came to the U.S. as a refugee in 1975 and was taken in by a local family until she could get a job and live on her own and that just recently a local friend and her husband took in an Afghan family of three. The family lived in my friend's basement apartment until they were able to find their own place to live and are in the process of finding work. Not everyone can help refugees in that way but those who can have my deepest respect. Sending love.

  3. I was wondering how we could take in a Ukrainian family -- I wondered the same thing when the children at the Mexican border were put in cages.

    1. I didn't finish my comment and pushed publish too early! I am wondering what the process is -- can't imagine traveling so far from Ukraine (to Canada or California!). Are you going through an organization?

    2. There is a Facebook page called CANADA-Host your Ukrainian refugees. We applied through them. Most people don't know that Alberta has a huge Ukrainian population. If you grew up in Alberta you know that there is Christmas and then there is Ukrainain Christmas on January 6th.

      Traveling from Poland to Edmonton is only a 12 hour flight.

  4. I wrote before, but I'm not sure if my comment went through. I want to say that this is, quite literally, the best thing a person could do right now. Wow.

  5. Good for you! You are so generous.

  6. I admire you and your willingness to do this. I did not know there was a large Ukrainian population in Alberta.

  7. I too would host a family although I'm very far away. War is costly on every front there is and has costs that go beyond the fighting. I hate it.

  8. That IS generous. I haven't made that kind of commitment, though it has crossed my mind. -Kate

  9. Well done you applying to take a family - what a truly generous and necessary act. I am not sure it if it is possible in the UK - I need to find out what we might do - meanwhile, I have decided to donate all the rental from my alpine chalet to support refugees and humanitarian effort for as long as is needed. This is what I meant by quiet reflection and then determined action to do what we can. Your post and your actions are an inspiration