Thursday, March 10, 2022

It's still winter here but the sun is higher in the sky and warmer days are coming.  I need to plant my tomato seeds and now that I've written that, perhaps I will.  I was supposed to be painting at the rental today on my day off, but the new renter is sick with what sounds like covid, so a hard pass.  I want to get the rental fixed up, painted, new floors (because Gracie flooded the place and ruined the floors) and get the damn house sold.  It will pay off our mortgage and that will be a big savings every month.

My son was released on Tuesday from jail and has found god, again.  He's staying with the Salvation Army and good on him if sobriety and god take this time.  I'm not holding my breath though.

Poor Jack was sick last weekend after he left us and went to see his grandma and Gracie.  Jack vomited all night on Saturday night and for much of Sunday.  Then on Tuesday, Gracie and her brother started vomiting and on Wednesday morning, grandma started vomiting.  I feel mean but I thought it was funny, especially Gracie getting sick.  We were all sick here over Christmas with no help from anyone.

I asked Gracie once again to empty the rental house of all the garbage in the garage and she told me, "I didn't sign a lease.  This is a you problem."  I guess she doesn't understand that her son would have been in foster care for the past six months if it wasn't for her mom and us, or that she lived in a three bedroom house for $500/month for three years.  Apparently rehab didn't improve her personality or give her a sense of responibility.  We're still waiting to hear back from the insurance company to see how much of the damage they'll cover.  No good deed goes unpunished. 

In local news, there is a moose stuck in our neighborhood.  The poor moose has patchy fur which means it has either mange or a tick infestation.  It's skinny too because apparently when they have mites or ticks, they're so itchy they spend more time grooming than eating.  The poor thing is safer here than out in the fields with the coyotes but I worry about a stupid driver hitting it.

Jack is back home with us and Heidi, both of whom are happy to snuggle.

I had a patient two days ago who is dying but wants to survive long enough to see his daughter recover from her leukemia.  Now when he says goodbye, he also says, "I love you."  He was embarrassed because he said it to the homecare nurse on the phone and I told him that he'd probably made her day.  When he said goodbye to me, he told me he loved me.  He made my day.


  1. As I finished reading your post, spontaneous tears well up. As Joni Mitchell sang, "Laughing and crying, you know it's the same release." My tears have been welling up more frequently recently, but I've also been laughing more.

    The beautiful photo of Jack and Heidi is one I am going to keep on my desktop. Jack knows how to accept love and give love. So does Heidi! You and the Big Guy are there for them. They can experience peace in your presence. Sending love!

  2. Gracie is at the very least a malignant personality. That's a lot of crap in the garage. Junk guys are one of the greatest services, when we sold my MIL's house, it took three loads in a big truck to get it all. We did not have the strength to do that.
    I feel bad for the poor moose.
    Jack looks very happy, so does Heidi.

  3. That is both heartbreaking and beautiful about the patient. I seethe over Gracie's attitude and what she's stuck you with. She seems to be a taker and a narcissist. Because of Jack, you're stuck dealing with her and her family. Ugh. Paying off my mortgage was the best thing I did financially. It has allowed me to live mostly like I want.

  4. Love is never wasted, your patient knows that. I am glad you will get your rental property back and I wish for you a super responsible tenant next time. I hope your son finds medication along with God and sobriety.

  5. What a little cow! That Gracie. Someday she'll be ashamed of herself.
    Love You,

  6. You are doing such good work with Jack. He is blessed to have you. Keep going! x0 N2

  7. I wonder where your son found God. Was it in McDonalds? I would recognise God if I saw him. He has a long white flowing beard and long white hair and he wears a long white flowing robe. I understand that God can get quite angry so it's best not to piss him off. Fingers crossed your son will find a way of turning his life around - be it via God or by other wholesome means.

  8. I agree with 37paddington "Love is ever wasted."

  9. I have to tell you that as soon as I saw that picture of the moose the theme from Northern Exposure started going through my head. It may be there for some time.
    IF Gracie is sober it certainly has not improved her attitude or personality.
    Jack and Heidi are the sweetest. It is such a beautiful thing that he has you and your fella to love him, provide safety and security for him. His life will be so much better for that.

  10. I'd say you can be forgiven a little schadenfreude at Gracie having to take care of her own sick son! She really does seem to have an attitude problem though doesn't she. I'm so sorry she's putting you through all this but am equally glad that Jack has you to count on!

  11. A lovely boy, a tired moose and what a mess! One in three is happy and thanks to you.

  12. Poor moose! I hope it has access to enough food to get through the winter. Gracie is a piece of work. I wonder if it would be worth it for you to arrange for one of those 1-800-GOT-JUNK trucks to come and collect all that stuff, just to get it out of your hair.