Friday, March 18, 2022

I stopped in the river valley briefly, on the way home, after dropping the big guy off at work.  The snow is melting and the sun is shining now.

Although there is a war in Ukraine, family drama continues.  My son was released from jail two weeks ago.  He said he had found god.  He was staying at the Salvation Army homeless shelter but then he made his way back to his wife and terrorized her for a few days, I'm guessing, before she messaged me and told me what was happening.  I called the police and he was arrested, again.  He also said that another child was being abused which was a lie and he was charged with lying about that as well.  When he got to the police station he started calling his wife, so more charges for violating the no contact order.  He also called here but my husband picked up thank goodness.

Jack is doing well.  We've booked a mini trip to the mountains in June with him.  It will be his first time seeing the mountains and I'm sure he'll be amazed.  Poppa also wants to teach Jack how to pee outside.  We're meeting my middle daughter and her partner there which will be nice.  We haven't seen in each other in three years I think.  Far too long.

We have court again on Tuesday with regards to guardianship and parenting of Jack.  No idea how that will go.  I served my son with the guardianship and parenting applications while he was in jail, so at least that got done.  I'm just so thankful that Gracie is no longer in our rental.  She can destroy someplace else and it will be her family's problem, not ours.  

The insurance company have agreed to repair the floors and drywall that were destroyed and we have a contractor so just a matter of picking out flooring and waiting for it to be done.  

As for me, I've decided not to retire this year after all.  I don't have much of a pension, most of my money is self invested in an RRSP and over the last month my investments have taken a big hit.  They've lost ten percent of their value which makes me too uncomfortable.  It's not a problem.  I have readjusted my thinking and things will be delayed by a year.  I do need to work on more of a balance in my life between taking care of others and taking care of myself, as if I haven't been saying that my whole life:)

I've been going through old photos from time to time.  This photo would have been taken in the late sixties, sadly, I can't remember which year my sister got married, or why my mum thought that hat was a good idea:)


  1. Thank heavens that Gracie is no longer your tenant! And quite frankly, it's a very good thing that your son is back in jail, I guess. He's never met a rule or order he felt he should obey, has he?
    May your decision not to retire be one that you can live with. And yes- please don't forget your balance.

  2. Wow! That river valley photo is just extraordinary. Walking and taking photos is one of the ways I've noticed that keep you in balance. It seems that Jack's lively happy presence is a balance, too. Alcoholism and mental illness and war have been with us forever. We have to find balance or the sorrow of it kills us.

    Are you the middle of three siblings? Your sister looks substantially older than you and your brother looks very close in age. Although your sister is smiling, her eyes look sad. Neither of your parents look happy. Your sister must be about my age now. I'm 72. You are easily recognizable. A lively spirit then and now, against all odds.

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    2. I have twin sisters who ate 75 and a younger brother. I wonder if my sister was ever happy with her husband. He was nice when he was sober but he was rarely sober.

  3. Glad Gracie is out of the house, and the insurance is paying for the damage. What a wretched thing she did your house. I love the fact the the big guy will teach Jack to pee outside, a skill everyone should have.

  4. What a lot of mess regarding your son, but the change in weather, the get together and the mountain trip will be events to look forward to! So glad that you have Gracie out of there and don't have to worry about her destroying anything else. Ugh. As for retirement, I was sure I wanted to retire at 60, then decided I actually wasn't ready emotionally or mentally. At the end of the next year, I was (mostly).

  5. The river valley photo is absolutely stunning.

    Your sister is quite a bit older than you. You don’t look much older than six. Sweet picture.

    So sorry your boy is still messing up. I’d like to think there is still hope but he sure let’s everyone down again and again.

    I get the delay in retirement. My account took a huge hit too. Disheartening when you are our age and have little time to recoup the losses.

    Btw, thanks for the blogging love. It is good for the soul💗

  6. Oh man, you were probably right to keep your distance from your son. I'm so sorry he's still causing trouble, but maybe prison is the best place for him (for the time being, at least). As for your mom's hat - well, it was probably very fashionable at the time (although it does look a bit like a dolly mixture in today's eyes, doesn't it)! Take care of you!

  7. Life certainly brings up hard stuff for you. Just as well you can keep distances.
    I love the sky in the picture but I can almost feel the cold air.

  8. That is a very '60s wedding photo! I have a similar one for a wedding I was in in 1972 or so. (I was the "ring bearer," but I carried a fake ring.) As others have said, it's probably good that your son is back in jail. It will keep him out of MORE trouble. And yes, thank goodness Gracie's living situation is someone else's problem now.