Sunday, March 27, 2022

It's still snowing off and on here.  This photo was from last weekend and much of that snow has melted again but then it snowed again on Friday night.  

We had Jack for three nights.  We took him swimming yesterday morning and he had a blast.  There was a slide in the middle of the kids pool and a river too, which swept us around an island of calm.  It's hard to describe but a good time was had by all.  

We had lunch out and then came home.  He helped me with baking and then with prepping supper.  I made nasi goreng with peanut sauce.  I let him sniff everything as I put it into the sauce.  The only thing that wasn't too "yucky" was the garlic.  He licked the lime and was startled to find it so sour.  

We also made peanut butter squares.  He was very helpful at licking all the spoons and spatulas clean.  

Yesterday morning I blew him a raspberry.  He said, "Nana, you fart in your mouth."

I try not to worry about Jack spending time with his mom.  Gracie's mother and sister both went away this weekend and the uncle is supposed to supervise Gracie.  I don't get that family.  Or maybe I am way too responsible.  

Nothing much going on here.  We're taking Katie out for lunch and then heading to Wetaskiwin to visit the big guy's father who is back in hospital.  My father in law is not doing well and he is nearing the end of his life.  

I am locked in a battle with the cat who wants to eat/kill all my tomato seedlings.  So far, the cat is winning.  

Another old photo of Mum and two of her older sisters.  Mum is on the right.  


  1. I can picture you two cooking together and it makes me smile💗

    Great picture of mom and aunties. Are the all gone now?

    1. My mum had one younger sister and she died a few years ago, the last of them gone. Four incredibly stubborn women:)

  2. Jack's life with you is just idyllic - as I'm sure he would agree (except for the farting in the mouth bit)!!!!

  3. We are collectively responsible for all children. Thank you for what you do!

  4. Elegant women! And they resemble one another very much. That's so sweet that Jack likes to help. They love being included and getting to lick the spoons. It sounds like you're having wonderful times together.

  5. From what you've written, I don't get that family either. But at least the uncle will be there. (Hopefully!)

    Love the old photo with the big sun hats!

  6. I know that every moment with Jack is not idyllic. That is not reality. But you are giving him good and sweet and loving experiences to hold and bolster him throughout his entire life. And that is everything.
    The picture of your mom and her sisters reminds me so much of pictures of my mom and her friends.

  7. I always wonder if every woman of that era had curly hair, or if they "did" it to be wavy. The sisters have a strong resemblance.
    Hopefully Jack will return to your home unscathed.

  8. Mum and her sisters look as though they are about to start dancing. As for Jack, he appears to have missed his mouth several times! What a lovely picture.

  9. Jack is such a precious child. And your Mum is precious, too. I see her in Katie!

  10. Get yourself a roll of Cat Scat Mat (or some similar product), cut it to shape, and surround your seedlings. If that stuff can deter my determined pottingsoil-loving tabby from making a playground out of large flower pots (and it does!), it should work with any cat. No harm to the cat-- just really annoying soft plastic prickly spikes that no self-respecting cat wants to feel underfoot.