Sunday, November 21, 2021

The week in photos.  Ginger shortbread cookies for Christmas.

The snow arrived last week and turned the dog park into a winter wonderland.

Bagheera sitting on the furnace register, warming herself.  She's not a fan of winter or the cold. 

The big guy and the little guy playing with a balloon.

Heidi taking it easy on the couch.  The towel was for Jack.  He's been sick and coughing so hard he vomits.  Heidi's okay with that.


I'm almost done reading this book.  An excellent read about what happens to siblings in families with damaged or difficult children.  I realized it applied to me as well.  My sister has a brain injury and made life awkward when I was growing up.  I imagine it was worse for her twin though and it was definitely hard for my middle daughter.

And this photo reminded me of Steve:)


  1. Yum! Just looking at that photo, I can smell and taste ginger shortbread. Shortbread and ginger. What a great combination!

    This group of photos makes me smile. Cold outside. Warm and cozy inside.

    Panda hat! Sweet!

  2. Great pictures ... thanks for sharing them with us!
    Wishing you, the Big Guy and the Little Guy a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. As Marcia said - great pictures! Do you take them with your phone?

    I see what you mean about the panda but I think Steve is a little taller and besides his diet does not consist entirely of bamboo shoots.

    1. I'm just using my phone for now, lighter and highly portable.

  4. You really do have an eye for photography. No doubt.
    That snow! We really don't live on the same planet, do we?
    The panda is a hoot.

  5. Love the pictures. I'm going to have to read that book.

  6. Love those pictures! Bagheera is a beauty isn't she. And as for the big guy with the little guy - ah, it just melts my heart!

  7. Those cookies look delicious and I'm happy to see the relaxed (and smiling) faces. Hope Jack is improving; having a sick little one around is stressful AND messy.

  8. Jack looks happy - I can't see his face, but he does look happy all over. Hope the coughing stops very soon. You have a beautiful cat, does any heat make its way into the room?

  9. Lovely photos...Hi via Steve's blog.

    I agree with Bagheera...