Monday, September 6, 2021

This sky, this field, this is why I love Alberta.  BC was beautiful, the ocean, the beaches, the huge trees, but it's not home.  This is home.

We went to Westakiwin yesterday to visit the big guy's parents.  His dad is home from the hospital but needs a wheelchair now to get around as he's unsteady on his feet.  He still needs a urine bag as well because of his enlarged prostate.  They're waiting to see a urologist but once again things have slowed down thanks to covid.  But he's well and happy to be home.  My mother in law is worried;  she's afraid her husband is closer to dying than he was before and it's scary for her.  They've been together for sixty years.  

She told me the story of my father in law falling again.  I'm old enough now to understand that people need to tell their stories more than once, as many times as they need to in fact.  I listened to her.  That's all any of us really want, isn't it?  For someone to listen to us.  I can't fix anything but I can be there for her. 

We also took Katie for a walk and out for lunch.  It was so nice to see her and she was happy to see us.  
Saturday we spent the day with Jack.  He was out of sorts, whiny and demanding.  He spent the night too and was up for almost an hour until I took him to bed with me.  He sat and cried in bed.  I don't know if he didn't feel well or if he was just sad but it broke my heart.  He's back again tonight for the rest of the week I think.  

The weather is cooler now.  Fall is here.  The days are noticeably shorter and the nights are much colder.  The crops are being harvested and the geese are gathering in larger numbers.  The trees are turning color and my garden is fading away.  It's always my favorite time of year.  


  1. People need to tell their stories. Isn't that the truth. That is why I came to blogger in the first place. There was no one in my life that I could tell the entire truth to and I needed to get it out. Still do.

    So very glad that Jack has you two.

    The picture makes me want to come visit.

    Happy Monday my friend.

  2. Alberta really does have Big Skies. That's a beautiful picture.
    Getting old, falling, losing strength, it's all so depressing. We do what we can to delay the inevitable, but it happens.

  3. Your summer lasts about twenty minutes, doesn't it? Or so it seems from here where it is endless. We have to look so hard for any sign of fall. The air a tiny bit drier, the temperature a few degrees cooler at night.
    It breaks my heart to think of Jack crying in your bed. That poor little guy. He probably needs to tell his stories too but does not know how yet. Just hold him and love him. That's what we all need in the end, isn't it?

  4. That IS a beautiful photo. It makes me think of Joni Mitchell and the songs she used to write about her early years on the Canadian prairie. I'm glad you were there for Jack!

  5. Jack probably needed to be listened to as much as your mother in law did. Poor little guy. I hope he's all sorted now.

  6. Alberta really is beautiful. Breathtakingly so, in many places.
    Little Fella probably missed you guys while you were away. Poor little tyke. I can see why you'd be disturbed when he sat in your bed and wept. What IS IT he's trying to tell you? I hope just that you were missed.

  7. In therapy, people will often tell me the same story over and over again.

    It will be nice when Jack can tell you what's in his little head and heart.