Sunday, February 21, 2021

The dogs and I went for a lovely, long walk yesterday morning.  We had a bad wind storm a month ago but the paths have been cleared now.  It was too cold to walk for two weeks so I hadn't been back in awhile.

After the storm.

The little guy's crib has been put away in the basement and I bought a second hand chest of drawers and refinished it.  I like how it turned out and now his clothes won't be in piles.

The chest of drawers before.  It was in good shape, just out of style.

After some chalk paint and new handles.

He's grown so much it seems these past few weeks.  He turns two in April and sometimes he's still a baby and sometimes he's such a big boy. 

 He's going to be with us for the better part of March.  Life continues on.  

I talked to my middle daughter last night and that was so nice.  I miss her still, even after ten years of her living on the coast.  She has injured herself again while running so now running is off the table for the rest of her life.  In December she fractured her femur while running and now the other femur is acting up.  She and her boyfriend having been living and working in a six hundred square foot apartment for the past year so they must be a good fit.

We visiting Miss Katie this morning which makes me smile.  The weather is warm.  The birds are flitting about at the feeder and beagle is snoring on the chair beside me.  A good day.

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