Friday, July 31, 2020

It's been hot here this week.  Both dogs wilt in the heat.  Lucy has a bad heart and I'm not sure what the deal is with Heidi but she definitely prefers the colder weather.

My son got married last weekend and I met my daughter in law for the first time the next day.  My son told me she was pregnant and due in the fall but she sure doesn't look pregnant.  She seemed nice enough.  Not young, not overly smart but not mean either which is nice.  Now I sound like a bitch. 

Work has been better.  I emailed my manager and spoke with her as well.  She is a lovely young woman who works hard at her job.  She cares about her employees the way I care about my patients.  She listened to my concerns and told me what she is doing to address those issues.  Knowing that there is someone trying to do something to make things better helps.  We had two days this past week that we had enough staff and that makes all the difference.

Life continues on.  We took the little guy to the spray park after work yesterday and he had a blast.  The first thing he did was go down the slide and he shot across the spray deck when he hit the bottom.  Apparently that's what is supposed to happen but neither the big guy nor I knew that.  The grandson looked like he'd been shot out of a cannon.  I couldn't stop laughing.  He had a great time and so did my hubby, both of them ended up soaking wet.  We bought burgers on the way home and he enjoyed those.  Then we had cheesecake with bumbleberry coulis and he really liked that.

Gracie is working nights right now so we fed the little guy, washed him up and took him back home.  She was telling us how hard it was working nights.  I worked nights for years and took care of three kids but I didn't tell her that.  Then I picked up the food off the floor and put it in the garbage can;  we don't need more mice there.

I'm off today to do as I please and a massage pleases me today.  I haven't had one in months and my poor back is complaining bitterly about it.  Take the dogs for a walk.  Do some laundry.  Putter in the yard.  Nothing big or exciting but comforting just the same. 

It's a long weekend here and we are going nowhere.  There is a pool in the backyard now that looks like this.

We obviously spared no expense in making our backyard as comfortable as possible during this pandemic.  I may sit by the pool and have a Bellini this weekend.  Who knows?

I am thankful that we didn't do much socializing before this pandemic.  It's made this social distancing much easier on us than on many I imagine.  

Stay safe my friends.

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