Sunday, July 26, 2020

My depression has lifted and I feel human again.  It probably helps that there are blue skies again.

And this little guy, he helps far more than he'll ever know.  We had a friend and her daughter over for lunch yesterday and that was lovely as well. 

I was over at Gracie's last week to help her fill in forms and find cockroaches.  I didn't find any cockroaches but I did find mouse droppings under her fridge and in her stove.  Not the best housekeeper obviously.  The strange thing was she told me that if she had a girl she would have named her Gracie.  Too strange.

Live goes one.  Today we take Miss Katie out for a walk and lunch and shopping if she needs anything.  My son and his new wife will see our grandson this afternoon for an hour.  My son got married yesterday.  I hope and pray that it works out for everyone.  The new woman already has three children and one more on the way.  Seems like a recipe for disaster but what do I know?  Well I do have a lot of experience with my son but I also hope that he changes his behavior. 

Work on Friday was better than it's been in awhile which helped.  I was ready to quit last week.  I did speak to my manager and she listens and tries to make things better which is more than our previous managers ever did. 

I'm trying to avoid news of tRump and his hatred and ignorance.  That's helped as well.  It seems we're getting used to the coronavirus, or at least it's not new anymore.  I wear a mask when I go into stores and use the hand sanitizer in my car when I'm done.  I'll probably still end up catching it but I would like to put that off for as long as possible.

Stay safe my friends.

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