Monday, May 18, 2020

We've had a busy weekend.  We had the little guy for two nights.  Lots of walks and time outside.

He found a new place to relax.

He's walking everywhere.

Even the dogs are exhausted.  Heidi was ready for bed before us.  We got yard work done on Saturday before the little guy came over so my plants are all planted and I have flowers on my deck again which always makes me smile.

Yesterday we went for a walk with our neighbor, her three kids and dog, our two dogs and our grandson at the off leash park.  It truly was a dog and pony show.  It was lovely to talk to a young woman for 45 minutes.  Her dog spends as much time over at our house as she does at their house now and Lucy hangs out with their little girl while watching TV, the little girl, not Lucy.  Our neighbor home schools her kids and they've been self isolating;  her husband is a nurse who works out of town for two weeks at a time.

I went to Superstore this morning for a few things.  It's strange.  Our province is relaxing restrictions so more people are out and about.  When the lockdown was in effect, people usually wore masks when grocery shopping but now that the restrictions are being lifted, most people aren't wearing masks.  Except, now we are more at risk.  More people are out and about, the virus hasn't gone away, so we're now at greater risk than we were during the lockdown.  What do I know?  Enough to keep myself safe.  I still wear my mask while shopping.

Stay safe my friends.  It ain't over yet.

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