Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The little guy stayed with us last night.  His mama may or may not have been hallucinating again but she was in a bad way, yelling and talking a mile a minute.  The little guy was wet and grumpy and probably scared.  He was happy enough to leave with us.

Before anyone says anything about getting social services involved, grandparents have no rights in Alberta.  None.  We try to support Gracie and our grandson the best we can because she can always tell us to fuck off.  I talk to Gracie's mom  and we try to make things work.  Will we end up with custody of him one day?  Maybe but social services always tries to preserve the family as best they can and I don't want to alienate Gracie.

So the little guy is here today with me, safe and dry and warm and well fed.  He ate a lot last night and slept for almost twelve hours.  Drama is hard on babies too.  I did point that out to Gracie but she just started arguing with me.  So we walk a fine line.

This is him trying to get past the gate at the bottom of the stairs.  He was both fascinated and frustrated with the gate today.  He now has temper tantrums, still mild ones but tantrums nevertheless.  On the weekend he was mad because he had only two hands to pick up his toys and wanted to pick up three things.  He lay down on the floor and loudly complained and then tried again.  It's sweet right now.  I imagine that will change at some point.

Life continues on.  The weather seems to have finally warmed up and my perennials are making a come back.  I made cookies and bread  today.  I bought a lilac to plant in front of the front window of the house.  It will be tall, about twelve feet but will give shade to the living room and the most  wonderful fragrance when it blooms.  I love the smell of lilacs.

The dogs are fine.  Work is work, that hasn't changed.  Cancer doesn't care that there is a pandemic going on.  Cancer's an asshole.  

I feel like we're all stuck in limbo waiting.  I imagine that's what life during the war was like too, except with bombs which is a big except.  This will end.  It will be a footnote in history one day.  

Stay safe my friends.

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