Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Joey from Joey's pad asked us to post some of our favorite things.  This painting of the sunflowers was painted by a patient of mine.  It's called perseverance.  Years ago when I worked at the Glenrose Rehab Hospital this painting was hanging there, part of a show of this artist.  I loved the painting.  Fast forward a few years and the artist became a cancer patient of mine and we talked.  She still had the painting for sale so I bought it.  The artist has since died sadly but I still think of her and still love the painting.

The mess on the dining room table is my quilting.

Odds and sods on these shelves of things I've collected over the years and photos I've taken.  The bear is from Jasper, the eagle face from Tofino, the glass ball from Peggy's Cove and the pitcher is from Rye.

My mum and dad bought me this deacons bench almost thirty years ago.  It always reminds me of mum.

The clock is mum's.  Dad bought it for her for their fortieth anniversary, I think.  She always wanted a grandfather clock but there was no room in their house.  The photo on the right is my father and his brothers and the paintings on the left are done by an artist in Sussex.  The bottles on the right of the clock are from my mother in law, Dutch beer bottles.  The rooster in the china cabinet is from my middle daughter.  I like roosters.

My dresser top also has odds and sods.  My favorite is the rubber chicken I found at mum's apartment when we cleaned it out.  Mum had a wonderful sense of humor and I miss that most about her.  I could tell her dirty jokes and she would be horrified and then laugh.  The photos are of my children when they were young and the big guy with our granddaughter at our wedding.  Jemima Puddle Duck is a music box I bought when my middle daughter was born.  She didn't take it with her so I still have it.  The urn had some of my mum's ashes in it before I scattered them near Beckley.  The rock is from Haida Gwaii as is the hand made, woven basket.

I have more stuff that means something than I realized.

What about you?

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