Monday, January 27, 2020

#2 Off leash dog parks.

We've been taking the dogs everyday after work to the off leash dog park.  It's wonderful there.  The dogs run free, except Lucy because she wouldn't come back, but she does enjoy her sniffing.  It's dog heaven and I feel wonderful just being there.  Seeing the dogs running, chasing each other, wrestling and generally enjoying themselves, is like holding a baby;  it just makes you feel good.

When I picked up Heidi's poop I noticed worms in it, moving worms.  I don't mind picking up dog poop, but the thought of worms makes me want to gag.  So I bagged the poop and took it to our vet on the way home.  They were very kind and looked at my bag of dog poop.  The worms were declared tapeworms and both dogs are being treated for tapeworms.  Again more gagging.

All in all though, a lovely after work walk with my hubby, two dogs and a beautiful sky to admire.  I've never lived anywhere else that I can really remember, some time in Germany and then Northern Ontario, but the sky here is beyond beautiful.

So awesome today is, dog parks, vets, tapeworm killing pills and a beautiful sky.

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