Wednesday, January 22, 2020

#1  Snow

The big guy and I had a discussion yesterday and he said he thought that sometimes it seems like I enjoy being unhappy.  There probably is some truth to that, unhappy is familiar.  I just finished reading a book by Neil Pasricha, the author of 1000 days of Awesome and other books and I thought that perhaps if I did something like he did, blogged about good things, that it would help my poor brain get out of it's rut of unhappy.  And this is the first one.

It snowed here today, a fair bit of snow.  What I love most about snow is how quiet everything becomes.  It muffles sounds and makes the world slow down.  Snow is a good reason to be a few minutes late for work and a good reason to leave a few minutes early.  After work we picked up the dogs and went to the off leash park.  Heidi loves the snow and I love watching Heidi jumping in the snow, sticking her face in the snow, eating the snow and just generally enjoying herself. The other great thing about snow is it covers all the dog turds in the back yard;  they'll still be there in the spring but the yard looks nicer for now.

Snow is what forms glaciers over time and those glaciers are what provide our drinking water. 

Our water comes from the Rocky Mountains and I've seen where it comes from, a beautiful, quiet rugged place.  Snow melt also provides a lot of moisture in the spring here, for my garden and the farmers who are much more resilient than I am...yet.

So snow, pretty awesome.

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