Sunday, December 1, 2019

We went to our work Christmas party last night with Mrs. Potato Head.  She had a good time, as did I.  Mrs. Potato Head was a stand in for one of our coworkers who said that she would rather walk through hot lava than go to a party with her coworkers.  Her and I share custody of Mrs. Potato Head, so I dragged the lovely lady with us.  Mrs. Potato Head has been to Vancouver, Nova Scotia and Mexico.  A Christmas party was no big deal for her.  She did manage to keep her lips off any of the men there which was a relief.

At one point she lost her hair.  She's like that though, kind of a party animal.  She's a much more exciting woman that I am.  She doesn't say much but people are always talking about her.

It was nice to get out but I had two glasses of wine last night and now I have a headache, because I'm a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.  I got to see friends that I haven't seen in awhile.  Lots of hugs and laughter.  The big guy and I even had a dance.

We're off to see Katie this morning which will be nice.  

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