Sunday, November 10, 2019

My feet are still sore but I've taken matters into my own hands.  I saw a physiotherapist because I think they know far more about musculoskeletal problems than doctors do.  They are also proactive.  My doctor prescribed a topical cream for the pain and a proton pump inhibitor for my stomach because NSAIDS bother my stomach.  The cream did nothing for the pain.  The proton pump inhibitor has side effects like increased risk of cancer and heart attack as well as rebound hyperacidity when you stop taking them.  Not helpful, so I haven't taken them.

The physio did a detailed assessment and then gave me exercises and iced my feet, see above.  Hopefully this will help more.  Staying off my feet more has helped.  I'm doing my stretches and exercises with my fingers crossed.

I thought my sourdough starter had died but I took it out of the fridge and fed it and it's doing well.  Yeast are tough buggers.  Sadly I can't make any sourdough right now because of the state of my kitchen but I'm glad the starter is still alive.

It started snowing on Friday and snowed all day yesterday.  The sun has finally come out, a little.  I saw two large flocks of Canada geese flying south this morning.  I guess they've had enough.

I'm breathing when I'm angry or having negative thoughts and it's helping.  Five deep breaths.  I'm doing it a fair bit because apparently I have a lot of negative thoughts.  The good news is I can manage five or ten or fifteen breaths.  I can't seem to commit to twenty minutes of meditation so it's a good compromise for me.  Even the kitchen reno hasn't been awful for me yet.  I don't like it but I know it will end.

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