Tuesday, November 5, 2019

It snowed last night.  This is my view from my computer desk.  Chickadees and woodpeckers come and go throughout the day to feed and I get to watch them.

I worked yesterday and now I'm home for the rest of the week, resting my feet.  On Sunday I was in so much pain I left dirty dishes in the sink, it hurt too much to stand on my feet and wash up.  I went to bed and read so I could be off my feet.  I took naproxen yesterday and went to work but the pain didn't go away.  An ultrasound tech did an ultrasound on my feet.  No surprises, arthritic changes, inflammation, thickened plantar fascia, bone spurs and more inflammation to both feet, although the right foot is worse than the left, even though my left foot has more swelling.  

It seems overly dramatic but I spend pretty much most of my life on my feet, at work and at home.  I told my boss I needed to spend the rest of the week off my feet in hopes of  reducing the pain and inflammation so now I'm at home, knitting and watching TV.

The dog isn't sure what to make of me sitting on the couch.

Neither is the cat.  Neither am I.  I'm bored already because I don't feel awful, I feel fine except for my feet.  I guess I will get a fair bit of knitting done and watch some TV.  I watched "50 First Dates" already and this was the first time I've watched the whole movie.  Made me cry of course.  I like Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.  It's not a great movie but it is a sweet movie and it's about love.

Time to find another movie.

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