Saturday, January 24, 2015

My friend Shirley was admitted to the Cross yesterday.  I went up to see her yesterday after I was done work.  She was sleeping or unresponsive.  This morning I went back again and her girls and husband were there, sitting, waiting, trying not to cry.  She woke a little, restless, confused.   Her husband was beside her in an instant, her girls alert for their mom to be present.  I realized then that I no longer have a place there.  These four people love her deeply and need to say goodbye to her.  I told her I loved her, gave her a kiss on the forehead and left.  She's with her family, those her love her best and I couldn't wish for more for my good friend. 


  1. I send blessings to you for knowing that there is a time to say goodbye. When my mom was dying people kept coming and coming. I know they meant well, I do and I appreciated them for that but I wanted my mom to myself. I didn't want to share those last days with anyone but my family. You have a wise soul because most people would not pick up on that.
    I am so sorry and I send my love. I will wish her dying to be one of comfort. I know love surrounds her.

  2. It's the most peaceful way to die, yes? Surrounded by those who love you? But, it sounds as if it has been such a heart wrenching trudge. So sorry....