Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's been a week.

The big guy and I picked Katie up this morning for Special Olympics bowling and I noticed she was off.  There was something wrong with her eyes;  I couldn't explain it.  She didn't look right.  I asked, did she sleep okay, how was her behavior.  Everything was okay except she slept in.  Katie doesn't sleep in.  When I got her pills to take with us I looked at the package and the pills were different.  When I looked closer, instead of two five milligram tablets there were two twenty-five milligram tablets, five times her regular dose.  I asked her staff to show me the sleeve of her pills and all of the packages had the

wrong dose pills in them.  We left and headed to bowling.  The big guy bowled the first game with Katie while I phoned the on call pharmacist who recommended we take Katie to see a doctor, on Sunday, which means emergency.  The pharmacist also had a new sleeve of pills delivered to Katie's home with the correct dose. 

The good part about the error was that Katie was so drowsy, emergency wasn't a nightmare.  We had to wait;  it was three hours all together which isn't bad.  They did an ECG on her which was interesting and then we waited to hear from the poison center line people.  Turns out Katie received the maximum daily dose but not an overdose thank goodness.  She will be fine it will just take time for the drug to be metabolized out of her body. 

The agency will go over drug administration guidelines with staff and the pharmacy will be getting another call from me in the morning.  My baby girl is fine, just drowsy, dry and dizzy.  On the upside she got lots of attention today which she always enjoys and got to meet new people.  Everyone at the hospital was so kind to her.  I'm thankful.


  1. Holy crap. That is so scary. I am glad that you caught it and that all is well, but jesus!

  2. you are patient and loving and reasonable. i know you will do your damnest to make sure this never happens again. you could sue for this kind of a mistake: it could have been dangerously harmful.