Monday, October 10, 2022

It's Thanksgiving today.  

Things I'm thankful for today.

My yard which brings me so much enjoyment.



Birds at the bird feeders.

Beautiful fall weather.

We had two dead trees removed this week from between our house and the neighbor's and it went well.

We have lots of firewood.

Jack is safe.

We signed Jack up for indoor soccer.

Jack's other family is supporting us.  That fear has been eased.

The smell of turkey cooking.

A friend coming over for supper.

My daughter and her boyfriend got engaged last week!  He's a good man, gentle and patient.

A very good night's sleep last night.

My hubby, thank you Treaders.

Hopeful I will find a daycare for Jack this week.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. I'm thankful for a dear husband, a home, my animals and being able to interact with people I will likely never meet.

    Your yard is magical, it has a calming quality. I glad to hear you have the support of the other family.

  2. Enough of everything I need.
    Less and less of what I don't need.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! You didn't mention the Big Guy - but I'm sure that's just a slip, right?

  4. This are wonderful things to be thankful for--and a LONG list! Congratulations to your daughter. I'm grateful for life. Nothing specific although I could make a list too. The people who love and support me. My cat. My financial independence.

  5. You and I are much alike when we compare the things we are grateful for. I am grateful on your account that Jack is safe and that your caretaking of him is supported by the other family.
    And congratulations to your daughter and her fellow.

  6. I'm thankful for new friends like you -- although when I start looking back, it's been long enough now that we might consider ourselves "old" friends! -Kate

  7. Your backyard makes me happy, too.

  8. I'm thankful for you and our long friendship here, however "remote." And congrats to your daughter!

  9. I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving.