Wednesday, April 20, 2022

We had some snow last night, nothing terrible, just mother nature reminding us what's what.

I saw the podiatrist this morning and I'll be off until mid May and then a slow return to work.  I'm fine with that.  My foot is slowly starting to feel better but when I talked to the doctor about some of the stretches that I'm doing, how they hurt my big toe, she told me that it's because of the arthritis in those joints and that I should concentrate on stretching my achilles and calf muscles instead.

We pick up Jack after I pick the big guy from work.  Somethings going on with Gracie because she wouldn't answer my text messages and now we're going to pick Jack up at her mom's place instead of her apartment.  I smell bullshit.

Other than that, not much.  I saw this quote yesterday and realized I need to take up paper plane making:)


  1. As cold as that picture looks, it is so damn beautiful.
    Oh god. I hope everything is okay with Jack. I bet she fell off the wagon. Or something. Obviously. I hope you can get the information out of her mother.
    Glad your foot's getting better. Don't push it too fast though or you know what will happen. Nurses are the worst patients.

  2. The plague of the nurse - arthritic feet. Sending you a squadron of paper planes.

  3. I have a painful joint in my right foot (the big one?) and it can get uncomfortable. Nurses and teachers--we're on our feet too frequently! That looks cold but it will soon be gone, I hope. I wonder what's going on with Gracie although I think we can probably predict. :(

  4. Oh, my, I love that poster. I actually would love to GET ON a paper airplane and be flown the heck out of Dodge, to tell you the truth. I'm sorry that you're anticipating something bullshitty going on, but I'm always grateful that you are in Jack's life. He's so precious.

  5. That winter picture is simply beautiful! So glad Jack has you and his Grandpa to rescue him when it is necessary and you two are his safe harbor! Thank goodness you are there for him!

  6. I tend to agree with Ms Moon. Sounds like Gracie might not be doing so well, doesn't it. It's weird because with some people you just KNOW that things are not going to go smoothly. It just doesn't seem to be in their make-up (ergo my ex and his recent visit)! I'm glad you're off until mid-May though - I'm sure you could do with the break and time to recuperate!

  7. If only these flying fucks would carry us over the rainbow and beyond, preferably to a beach with some palm trees and warm sand and . . .
    Anyway. I hope you can keep Jack out of family trouble which seems to be brewing.
    I have arthritis in my hands and feet and I can recommend warmth in any shape or form, foot bath, foot balm, a bowl of hot dry lentils, you know the stuff.

  8. What a fantastic meme about inventive uses for paper planes! At least Jack isn't with Gracie subject to whatever it is she is doing while not answering your text messages. It's a bumpy ride, isn't it?

    1. Sadly, he is with Gracie and we can't reach her. It's one of the signs she's using again, that we all agreed on. That and his diaper rash, excoriated scrotum.

      He's back with us now though.

  9. Yeah, I had the same thought about Gracie. I'm confused about why Jack is with her. Didn't you and Gracie's parents get guardianship?

  10. I was a little grumpy this morning because it was less warm than it's been. But we weren't anywhere close to having snow. Mother Nature tells us what's what with tornados instead.