Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Lucy is getting old quickly.  She had a hard life before she came to us and now she has congestive heart failure (CHF).  I've taken care of many humans with CHF but never a dog.  She coughs a lot and she sleeps more than she used to.  She still enjoys her walks but sometimes she doesn't want to eat.  I guess we'll just wait and see what happens.  She is on medication for it but that doesn't fix anything, just makes it bearable.

I'm off for  most of this week, only have to work tomorrow and that's it, still burning holidays which is fine with me.  It gives my feet a rest.

I'm going to go visit my friend this afternoon, the one whose husband died suddenly at the end of January.  She has cancer so doesn't go out much and we haven't seen each other in quite awhile.  We talk on the phone but it's not the same.  I want to hug her.  I made some cinnamon buns to take to her;  she's not a baker or a cook.

I don't really feel like doing much today.  Russia seems to be on the brink of invading Ukraine, because why?  Some guy?  Why is one guy allowed to make decisions that affect so many people?  It's not so different in Alberta.  There's a guy here who apparently doesn't like science much and is hell bent on catering to the 10% of the population that like him.  He changes his mind more often that I change my underwear, whatever is politically expedient.  He doesn't respond to letters.  He does as he pleases it seems, although, I'm sure he would argue that and say that there is so much more right wing bullshit that he would like to implement but can't because he wants normal people to vote for him as well.  

I'm in a mood obviously:)


  1. You and are on the same page with that photo. I too am angry at the power grabs and the idiotic leaders who cater to the nuts. (or are nuts themselves!) I love that picture of Lucy--her eyes are very expressive.

  2. I guess that the mysterious fellow you referred to is the Premier of Alberta - Jason Kenney. This is one thing that Wikipedia says about him... "Kenney studied philosophy at the University of San Francisco, a Jesuit university in San Francisco, California, but failed to complete his coursework." Mmmm... that stands to reason.

  3. That meme does indeed say it all.
    I am scared to death about Putin. He absolutely could destroy the world with his insane need for power.
    Take care of yourself, sweet woman. Don't forget to do that.

  4. I know a number of people who have just sworn off news. I get it. I can't control it so why fill my head with it every day. The sink is perfect!

  5. Awwww, Poor Lucy! I think your Friend will appreciate the visit in person and the warm Baked Goodies, Bless her, she's gone thru so much! I think quite a few of us are in a Mood and feel like that 'functional' Sink Meme.

  6. Lucy looks like such a sweet pup!
    I think most are just waiting to see who drops the shoe and then the ole shit hits the fan! Putin is a short little nutcase ... God only knows what he will do next!
    Sweetie ... You just take care of you, Jack, your Hubby and that sweet little Lucy! ❤️

  7. That photo is hilarious -- thank the good lord for dark humor. I'm sorry that Lucy is ailing -- she will be loved the whole way.

  8. A dog that doesn't want to eat! Never heard of such a thing before.
    Just kidding, of course. It surely is a sign of poor health.
    I have three more six-hour workdays till the weekend, and can hardly wait till they're over ... and that's so silly, considering it's a decent job with nice colleagues and it keeps me financially independent and I don't mind being there at all. I'm just tired, not used to full-time, I guess. My sister Karen and I talked about this yesterday when I stopped on my way home to see her for the first time in more than two months. "Is it just that we're getting old?" I said, because she too felt exhausted after working only two days at her job in a longterm nursing home. "Yep," she said. I have a hard time accepting that, though. Why should we be more easily tired out just because we're getting older, when we're in good health? Maybe I have trouble facing reality because I just don't want to believe it. There has to be another reason. Not enough cardio exercise? Sure, that's it!
    My best friend is attending a wake for her brother today. I can sense her sorrow and pain but cannot really help. I can only be there for her in spirit somehow; I can only care. Your visit with your friend will do her good. Maybe you too.

  9. Ahhh that pup has the sweetest eyes!

  10. Sorry Lucy has CHF. Dogs just don't live long enough. The entire world is off the rails, and we have the former president to thank for it. He enabled Putin and this is what we get.

  11. Sorry to hear about Lucy. We had a dog with heart failure many years ago and she was on a medication that made her heart beat more strongly, which seemed to really help her. (I can't remember the name!)

    In reading about the Canadian trucker protests I'm learning more about Alberta politics. Alberta seems to be the "Texas of Canada," with a secessionist streak among its right-wingers, and I guess this governor plays to that faction...?