Thursday, August 12, 2021

My father in law remains in the hospital;  he's been there for a week now.  He keeps having periods of syncope or fainting.  They don't know what's causing it but I'm guessing that's why he fell.  I'm also guessing that it's his heart acting up.  We'll know more tomorrow when he goes for an echo of his heart.

Work has been busy, as always.  We were short staffed today but even though we had to run our assess off, everything went smoothly.  One of my patients died at the beginning of June.  I was fortunate enough to see her before she died and I gave her a big hug and said goodbye to her.  Her father was in today, he's also a patient, and he invited me to her memorial service in September.  I thanked him and told him that I would try to make it.

I'm off tomorrow.  A friend is coming over for tea.  Jack will go to daycare.  I will cut the grass and do the laundry.  In a little over a week we leave on vacation and I am thankful.  Two weeks with no obligations.


  1. When you say your father-in-law are you referring to The Big Guy's father or to your first husband's father? That holiday is getting close isn't it? You have bloody earned it girl and I hope that nothing happens to scupper your plans. A nice long break will do you a world of good.

    1. Yes, it's the big guy's father. My ex husband's father died years ago while we were still married.

  2. If ever anyone in this world deserved two weeks with no obligations, it is you!

  3. What a gorgeous blossom! I hope you can have the rest and the vacation you truly deserve.

  4. I bet that vacation can't come quickly enough can it!