Wednesday, May 5, 2021

 An homage to Mr. YP which combines Easter Island and England.  

This is where I would prefer to be, anyplace else, taking photos.

Work was brutal so far this week.  One of our nurses is off waiting for Covid testing so we're short staffed.  One of our regular casusals had toe surgery and is off for a month and another regular casual just found out her sister has a brain tumor.  The sister was air lifted to Edmonton yesterday and is having surgery today, so both of these wonderful nurses were not available to help out.

Yesterday afternoon there was only me on the floor because the other nurse was in interventionals helping with a central line.  One CT tech is assigned to help us for half the day but she worked pretty much all day with us and two other techs came out to help me.  They rocked because I also had two recovery patients to take care of and we had a code blue yesterday which was only a seizure thank goodness.  I slept well last night but I'm still exhausted.

We've had Jack since last Thursday because Gracie has been working.  She came over last night and took him for an hour to the park before she had to go to work.  It was a nice break.  He goes home today after she wakes up this afternoon.  And Jack slept all night last night!  

I'm off today so I'm making more cinnamon buns, tweaking my recipe and I'll the enjoy cinnamon buns.  It's supposed to be warm today so I plan on working in the garden.  

We're back on a lockdown which makes no difference to me.  I still have to work and we don't see anybody really anyway.  I invited a coworker and her daughter over this weekend for a weiner roast but that will have to be delayed.  All of us at work are struggling with depression, fatigue, burn out.  It's been a tough go and I don't even work with covid patients.  I can't imagine how the nurses on the covid units, in ICU and ER are managing.  We have the highest rate of covid cases in North America per 100,000 right now thanks to asshole Albertans and our asshole Premier who is more worried about reelection than he is about doing what's needed.  He likes to talk about freedoms and rights but fails to recognize that alongside those rights and freedoms are duties and obligations.  Sigh.

I'm tired but okay.  We have a birdhouse in the backyard that a pair of sparrows has moved into.  It's literally right beside the bird feeder on the pergola.  Location, location, location.  The female sparrow must be deeply impressed with her new nesting site:)

I moved a clematis last weekend as it was stuck behind a huge dogwood shrub.  It now sits at the end of my garden where I can see it from the deck and from the family room.  I bought a new trellis for it, which the big guy screwed to the fence, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the purple blossoms.  The allium bulbs I planted last fall are coming up which I'm also looking forward to.  I have a small garden but I want to pack as much into it as I can.  I've planted peas, carrots and green onions in my planter boxes.  Beans, sunflowers, broccli and tomatoes will follow when the nights are frost free.

It's quiet right now which is bliss.  I was going to write about change and hearing Stacey Abrams talk in an interview but that will have to wait.  What I did take away from what she said was that change is constant, nothing is forever.  She sounds like a hopeful woman and she gave me hope.

The cinnamon buns turned out well.

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