Saturday, February 6, 2021

Very little has changed around here.  I finished my grandson's quilt just in time.  He won't stay in his crib anymore.  He's a freaking ninja.  It's been a tough week here for us and him, trying to get him to sleep.  I know it will pass but I don't do well without a good sleep.  

I've started a new quilt for the daughter of a friend of mine.  Celina will be six in June and she loves blue.  I wanted to do a wave quilt but it was too complicated so I'm making this one instead.  Lots of cutting and sewing and pressing but I enjoy it and get to listen to CBC while I work.  

I'm still eating a soft diet, waiting for my TMJ to heal.  I've started baking this, amish baked oatmeal.  I keep adding spices and it's quite tasty with no chewing required.  

Life continues on.  Work is work.  I'm minding my own business and staying calmer.  When the one coworker who always pushes my buttons starts doing irritating shit, I walk away and stay out of it.  Much less stressful for me but all of us right now are feeling stressed with the pandemic nearing it's year mark.  

We've been in and out of lockdown a couple of times now and it doesn't seem to make any difference to our lives.  We still go to work, still need groceries and still don't really go out.  We're not overly sociable, two introverts, so staying home isn't all that difficult.  

Shit with my son continues which is the hardest to deal with.  He is a sociopath which means he never stops manipulating or lying, never stops trying to get what he wants, ever.  He doesn't play by any rules except his own.  He ignores court orders, ignores the police, ignores the rules of a civil society and that's not going to change.  If it wasn't for my grandson I would have nothing to do with my son ever again.  

Gracie had to leave her job at the shelter because she was being targeted by gang members who were trying to take over the shelter, running drugs and recruiting prostitutes.  She reported them, called the police and they started following her when she left work.  She's back to work at the transition house which is safer but less work.

I'm trying to take care of myself, breathing through my nose, paying attention to my breathe, it actually helps.  Trying to sleep better.  Trying to eat better.  I still wobble a little but only a little which feels pretty good.  We're in the middle of a pandemic and I feel okay.  That's a huge win for me.  I'm coping.


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