Thursday, December 3, 2020

My week is getting better.  My chin doesn't hurt but my neck and all the other bruises still hurt.  I found one on top of my head this morning when I had my shower.  My little finger still hurts but it's getting better too.  I don't know how people cope with large bones that have been broken, like the femur.  I was a mess with a little bone in my finger broken.  I asked the doc to make me look pretty when he stitched me up, obviously that didn't happen:)

I was home with the little guy when I fell.  He almost fell off the chair and I was rushing to catch him when my foot caught on his highchair.  He was fine and didn't fall, but I did.  The big guy wasn't home because he had gone to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for our neighbor who had put her back out and couldn't move off the floor.  Her three kids took excellent care of her and her husband is back home now to take care of her.  

I called the big guy, he raced home and took me to emergency where I waited.  Everyone was so nice, the nurses, doctors and x-ray techs.  I even got a tetanus booster while I was there.

I didn't break my jaw but I sure smashed it hard.  I have been eating things that don't require chewing like ramen noodles, kraft dinner, yogurt and creme brulee.  Today I managed to chew a pancake, so progress.

COVID numbers continue to soar here thanks to our hapless premier.  Instead of imposing further restrictions on us, he has asked the Red Cross for field hospitals.  WTF!  He has been told over and over and over that COVID could overwhelm our healthcare system, which he would like privatize, but he didn't listen or didn't believe or didn't care.  And here we are.  Job done.

The little guy has a couple more nights with us and then his mama is off again.  When she works evenings she doesn't get to see him at all.  There is a COVID outbreak where she works and I worry about her.

I leave you with a lesson on mRNA vaccines.  Just click on the link below.


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