Wednesday, December 9, 2020

 My locker at work, masks and cookies.  What else does a person need to get through a pandemic?

I'm back to work this week but sore and tired still.  I can actually chew food again which is wonderful.  This morning I stopped at a bakery on the way home from dropping the big guy off at work and bought a gingerbread scone and an orange, cranberry brioche and ate them both.  My teeth fit together again!

Our Premier has put the whole Province back into lockdown which is a good thing because COVID numbers and deaths were rising rapidly and as predicted, the hospitals are overwhelmed.  No Christmas suppers which I'm okay with.  Not being able to see Miss Katie over Christmas will be awful though.  I've spent every Christmas day with her for the past twenty-eight years.  I imagine I will be weepy and we'll both survive.  

Katie had a meltdown the other day because she wanted her caregiver to drive to McDonalds and get some food.  The caregiver didn't have a vehicle so was unable.  Katie was hitting herself and crying.  She eventually took all of her clothes off and peed on the floor.  If only she had some way of letting people know how she really felt.  

The little guy remains with us most of the time.  He's been off since I fell and hurt myself.  Yesterday I slipped on some ice and yelled and he burst into tears.  Poor little guy.  He finally had a good night sleep last night, which was good for all of us, for the first time in a week.  I wonder if he's been having nightmares.

I've been doing some reading about 20 month old toddlers and talking to some young nurses at work about their kids around the same age.  It's been forever since I had a young toddler so it was good to refresh my memory.  He's pushing all our buttons lately, figuratively and literally, trying to see where the boundaries are for his behavior.  He's a smart little bugger but not as easy going as he once was.  This morning he actually cried when we dropped him off at daycare because he didn't want to let go of his poppa.  

Life continues on.  The sun is shining this morning and there was a woodpecker at the suet feeder. The days are short and the shadows are long.  The solstice will be here soon which I'm thankful for.  

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