Wednesday, November 18, 2020

A pileated woodpecked at our feeder.  It was also going through the frozen wasp nest in the tree, gorging on frozen goodies/bodies I'm guessing.

The little guy is with us again for the next four nights.  He was a little owly this morning but ate breakfast and then had a bottle of milk while he watched Booba, both of which he loves.  This is my last day off so I'm cleaning and doing some Christmas baking.  The season is coming even if it doesn't really feel like it.  

I haven't been at work for six days and if feels like a lifetime.  I keep hearing the news about hospitals filling up and ICU beds filling up in the city I live in, in the hospital I once worked and I try not to worry.  Some of the people in this province are scary, uneducated assholes who believe in consipiracy theories, judging from what they leave on the Premier's facebook page.  Just wow.

Mostly I wait.  I guess we're all waiting.  

There's a whole lotta stupid floating about, be careful out there:)

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