Friday, June 19, 2020

I worked late shift this week which means I had time to go for a nice long walk before work.  The dandelions were letting their seeds go.  I know they're a weed but they feed the bees first thing in the spring, produce such beautiful yellow flowers and then these seed heads.  I admire them.  They're resilient and dependable. 

My grandson helped me with watering last weekend.  He likes the rain barrel and the watering can but most of all he loves the water. 

  Phlox, I think, growing in a back alley.

We can see Miss Katie again which is wonderful.  She will even wear a mask when we're out.  Will wonders never cease.  I am always surprised when she copes with things I didn't think she'd be able to cope with.  I don't give her enough credit obviously. 

Another photo from my walks before work.  My clinic is close to the river so I am able to walk there when I have enough time.  The river valley is so beautiful, my favorite part of Edmonton.

The wild roses are all in bloom, unselfishly sharing their scent with the world.

A week of late shifts also means not much time for reading blogs, that and the garden.  The poor dogs didn't even get walks this week.

Tomorrow morning we're heading out of town for a week.  We're visiting Grasslands National Park, Cypress Hills Park and Waterton Park.  Fresh air, walks, dogs and beautiful scenery, enough to soothe my poor overloaded brain.  Right now I have nothing much left to give anybody.

My son has a new girlfriend who believes in him and thinks she can fix him.  She has two children and my son has a home again.  He likes to move in with women, easier than paying his own way.  He does have a job which is good and this girlfriend is communicating with me instead of my son which is good, the text messages actually make sense and don't come in the middle of the night.  I hope she can fix him but I worry about what happens when she finds out about all his lies and addictions.  I still hope though.  He's started paying child support, well once and half of what he should pay.  Time will tell. 

I'm stocking up the car with masks and hand sanitizer and most of our time will be outdoors, away from people, heaven really.  I can feel my shoulders relaxing.

Stay safe my friends.

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