Saturday, June 13, 2020

Another busy week at work, it doesn't seems to end.  My grandson started daycare last week and he's doing well.  It's good for him to have the stability, routine and socialization that daycare will bring him.  His mother continues to cause herself inordinate amounts of drama which I try to stay out of and I'm getting better at this.

Life is opening up here, more cars on the road and more people out and about.  I don't really like it and I have become quite people averse.  We wear masks all day at work so no smiles.  I imagine we will be wearing masks at work until a vaccine is available.  Oh joy.

My arthritis acted up this last week which makes me feel old and well just old.  It was my big toe joint which doesn't seem like a big deal except wow, can that ever cause a lot of pain.  It felt like someone was hammering a nail into my toe all night long.  I took anti-inflammatories, ice and rest and it's much better now.

There is a small house wren who has taken up residence in our back yard.  We have a couple of birdhouses and he has moved into one.  He spends all day singing his song, trying to lure a lady in I'm guessing.

The dogs are wellish.  Poor Lucy still has a sore back but she's slowly improving as you can see.  She was using Heidi as a stepstool to help her see out the car window.

I have been trying to not read the news, very unsuccessfully.  Between the racism and the ignorance and the hatred I feel heartsick.  It feels like the world is careening into oncoming traffic and a crash is inevitable.  tRump is despicable but that's not new, although the depths to which he will sink are breathtaking.  Images of police officers dressed in riot gear beating people, people looting, setting fires, hating on each other, it's too much.  I also worry about so many people gathered together right now in the midst of a pandemic.  I guess time will tell how bad it will be.

Today we have our grandson.  He was up early and has already had pancakes and is down for a nap again.  My god he's a sweet, good natured little boy.  Not sure where he came from, a fairy perhaps but he does my heart good.

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