Wednesday, April 1, 2020

So There's That:)

We had a medium sized dump of snow the other day and it's been cold so it's hanging around.  The sun came out today though, so there's that.

I'm off work today, my regular day off and I've been listening to the radio, quilting and baking.  I started a new quilt for me and the big guy.  I love greens and blues so that's the fabrics I chose before the fabric stores closed.  I noticed though that I can still buy fabric online from one of the quilt shops here and you pick it up like take out, so there's that.

The dogs are not bothered at all by the cold weather or the virus.  They are true champions at staying calm in the middle of a pandemic.  The neighbor's dog is still jumping the fence so that she and Heidi are able to get a lot of exercise, so there's that.

It's after lunch here and I still haven't had a shower yet.  I slept in and made a loaf of sourdough and now I'm making sourdough cinnamon buns.  We'll see how they turn out.  Good I hope.  Our lovely neighbor on the other side of us, he has a nasty little dog, shoveled our driveway yesterday so I'll take some cinnamon buns over to him and his mom.  Human kindness continues to exist thank goodness, so there's that.

Work has been busy and the disruptive coworker is back and continues to disrupt our work.  Fuck I hate that.  She is passively aggressively nice and does as little as possible.  She refuses to work as part of a team and thinks only of herself, always.  Yesterday it was breaks and working in fluoro.  I finally told her to go in there.  Sometimes she listens to me but often just does as she pleases.  At least some things don't change, so there's that. 

Life continues on.  Work continues on.  I now video chat with Miss Katie and my grandson, neither of whom understand the concept but seem to be accommodating the change.  I did get an extreme close up of both Miss Katie, her eyeball, and my grandson, his forehead, so there's that.

Take care and stay safe.

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