Saturday, March 28, 2020

Yesterday was lovely and spring like.  I took Heidi for a long walk and we even got to have a short walk through a small stand of trees.  The warm weather meant I got out to the backyard to poop scoop and I noticed some perennials already coming up through the melting snow.  

I've spent most of today spring cleaning which is nice to get done.  We're not allowed to visit Katie and she doesn't like phones or technology.  I did call and have her staff put me on speaker phone but she walked away, in disgust I'm guessing:)

Work was tough last week.  We had a patient code on us, probably an anaphylactic reaction to the CT dye she had received for her scan.  She collapsed and stopped breathing.  The room filled with people and we all worked together to resuscitate her.  One of our x-ray techs, a big guy, started doing compressions while I started an IV on the patient.  They got a pulse back on her and she was sent over the University hospital.  We don't have an emergency or ICU.  For emergencies we call 911 too.  It was stressful and I'm good in a crisis but I always have a cry when it's over.  The patient is alive and recovering which doesn't happen often when people are coded.

Our hospital/clinic has only 58 inpatient beds, either really sick patients like lymphoma patients, patients getting stem cell transplants or sometimes people from out of town.  We serve a large area, all of Northern Alberta, the NWT and northern BC as well.  One of the inpatients now has COVID-19 which scares me, not only for the inpatients but also for the staff.

We've spent the week trying to keep our distance from patients while starting IVs and keeping patients at a distance from each other, while cleaning and hand sanitizing and trying not to touch our faces which is way harder than you think.  Every day there are new protocols and checks in place when we enter the building.  All of us are stressed and worried that this has only just begun.  However, we are all working together well and helping each other.  The one coworker who is a pain in the ass comes back to work tomorrow so we'll how that goes.

 I'm scared I'll die or someone I love will die.  I think everyone is.  I know mentally that most people will get this virus and they'll get sick and recover but there is a small percentage who won't.  We will all die and I know this but I don't want anyone to die right now, not from this.  And I have no control over that.  I wash my hands.  I stay home when I'm not working but it's still out of my control and I am a control enthusiast which is a nicer way of saying control freak:)

Something good today.  I saw this and loved it.

I got my quilt back from the quilter.  I have just have to sew binding on so that's a project for this weekend.

Another good thing, I still get my hugs from the big guy.  He gives the best hugs ever.

Take care people.

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