Saturday, April 4, 2020

I didn't have a good start to the morning, I sliced my finger open while cutting up bread crusts to make croutons and it wouldn't stop bleeding and I had no bandaids.  I went to Walmart which feels like walking into a germ factory right now.  Everything I touched, I wondered if it had COVID on it.  I got what I needed, including a chocolate Easter bunny for next weekend and band aids.  When I got home I watched Heidi and the neighbor's dog playing in the snow.  I baked a loaf of sourdough and then I picked up my grandson.  

The best part of the day was seeing him.  He turns one next week and he's grown so much even in the two weeks since we've seen him.  The day is better now.  It amazes me how much I love this little guy. 

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