Saturday, March 7, 2020

I'm still feeling a little down, still crying too easily but better than Thursday.  I'm working on my quilt which keeps my mind occupied.  I made a loaf of bread this morning, or the start of the a loaf of sourdough.  I started making sourdough after Ms. Moon did.  She inspired me, especially her loose and easy manner of baking.  It helped me to stop worrying so much about the rules and to just try and try and try.  It worked.  The bread is delicious.

Our grandson spent the day with us yesterday which also helped a great deal.  He's walking everywhere.  He likes to carry something in his hand or mouth when he's walking and he's just jabbering away.  I just love that little guy so much, so does his poppa.    The love goes both ways with those two.

The coronavirus has arrived in Edmonton.  I guess we'll see what happens.  It's not the virus that is so disruptive but the fourteen day quarantine that is.  If the virus gets into the nursing population it's going to be difficult with nurses staying home.  Maybe the government will understand then why nurses matter.

It's cold and snowing today but I think I'll wrap up this afternoon and take Heidi for a walk.  The cold doesn't bother her.  The fresh air is always good for me, and the trees.

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