Saturday, February 22, 2020

I'm avoiding housework by sitting at the computer, wandering from site to site, reading about Agatha Christie, the news, the weather.  Both dogs are curled up sleeping and I can hear the big guy snoring in the living room;  the dogs woke him up at 3am.

It's snowing right now, heavy snow coming straight down, no wind at all.  Later we'll take the dogs for a walk and maybe our grandson as well if I can borrow a sled from my neighbor.

Mostly I'm avoiding cleaning.  It's my day off and I don't feel like it.  The bedding needs to be washed, floors need to be cleaned, bread dough is autolyzing and here I sit.  Perhaps there is a piano tied to my ass:)

We were short staffed at work yesterday but it was still a good day.  We never know how the day will go but there were no emergencies, no recoveries.  I have a young coworker who is so sweet she has become annoying.  She is always saying sorry but still keeps making mistakes.  She's been with us for six months.  Yesterday she laid down a folder with a patient's paperwork down on the counter, completely forgot out about it and then when someone did ask her about it she didn't look at it, just took it back to CT.  Nothing had been done.  The patient wasn't screened.  No IV had been started.  When CT brought me the paperwork and I found the patient, he and his daughter had been waiting for an hour in the waiting room for a CT of the chest which literally takes minutes to do.

I pulled them back, apologized profusely, started his IV on the first attempt and took him into the scanner myself.  When I talked to her about it my coworker didn't take responsibility for her actions.  That's what bothered me the most.  She said it wasn't her.  She did take back the forms to CT and didn't check the forms but it still wasn't her fault.  The thing is we all make mistakes, you own them, you apologize to the patient yourself, you don't do it again.  She sidesteps blame which I don't appreciate.

What always pisses me off is wasting a patient's time.  This is an elderly man, dying of cancer and we just wasted an hour of his time.  Not acceptable.

Anyway, she's leaving which is a good thing.  She's got one foot out the door but still, pay attention!

Enough complaining.  It's stopped snowing and all the dog turds are once again covered by snow.  I'm a lucky woman.

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