Thursday, January 16, 2020

This is for a certain New Yorker and you're welcome:)

And this one is for me, because age or menopause or anything else I suppose.

I went to see my doc this morning because I've been getting quite short of breath on exertion, like walking in the mall, working, going up a set of stairs.  Talk about making you feel old.  And then I had to get some estrogen cream for places that are supposed to be stretchy but are not as stretchy as they used to be.  Again with the old:)  A prescription and a req for lots of blood work.

It could be worse.  I could have died young.

The weather here is fucking cold as one older patient described it yesterday.  You know it's cold when old ladies say fucking.  It's supposed to warm up but to be honest I'm pretty lucky.  We have a garage.  The big guys does most of the driving and we have underground parking at work so I'm not really suffering.  I haven't been to the mailbox in awhile but that can wait.

There was a lot of ice fog this morning which I really didn't like because you couldn't see much when driving, hopefully that dissipates soon.  We have to watch poor Lucy when she goes outside to pee or poop because her feet can get too cold to get back to the door so I have a pair of shoes ready at the back door in case she needs to be rescued.

It was a weird week at work, lots of strange things but nothing awful.  There was a car fire on a busy road that patients and staff have to use to get to our hospital so that meant a quiet morning for awhile yesterday and then a lot of patients all at once.  Thankfully nobody was hurt in the fire.  It must have been scary as hell for the two drivers involved in the collision.

I'm thankful for a furnace that works and indoor toilets.

What are you thankful for today?

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