Sunday, April 21, 2019

The mountains did their trick, my cup is full to overflowing and I feel much better.  We went to all our usual spots.  It started snowing as we drove south to higher elevations, big, fat flakes but it wasn't cold.  It feels like being inside a snow globe that someone has just shaken.  We got as far as the Columbia Icefield and stopped there for tea and coffee.  It was their first day open so it was quiet, peaceful and snowing.  

We came home yesterday and my son came over to visit his son.  Twice we've done this.  I go pick up the baby, bring him over to our house and my son gets to spend time with his son.  We'll see how long this lasts.  The first time my son spent the first 45 minutes pressing all of my buttons and when I didn't respond, he finally gave up and settled down.  Yesterday there was no button pushing.

We took Gracie and the baby out for supper last night.  We were going out anyway and I didn't want her sitting alone at home so she joined us and enjoyed herself.  The little guy slept through the whole thing.  When we dropped her off I hugged her and told her she was doing a good job, so did the big guy.  And she is doing a good job.  It's not easy taking care of a baby by yourself.

I'm reading a good book right now, "Love 2.0" by Barbara Fredrickson, a psychology professor at the University of North Carolina.  It's about positive emotions and how they change us.  It's about biochemistry and brain chemistry and about love.  My kind of book.  It's not enough for me to be told I need to do something like meditate, I need to know the how and the why because when I understand am I much more likely to follow through.

I'm back to work tomorrow.  I miss my patients.

Happy Easter.

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