Friday, March 15, 2019

I feel so sad tonight.  I tried to reach out to a young woman with cancer who was being given a hard time on social media because she was angry.  Why the hell wouldn't she be angry?  But I think I messed it up and I feel badly.

And Donald tRump continues to spew his brand of hatred and bigotry and fear and others pick up and run with it and now a lot of people in New Zealand are dead.  And I want to tell Mr. tRump to stop.  Stop hating.  Stop sewing seeds of hate.  Stop lying.  Stop being a horrible human being but when I go on his Facebook page people leave comments about what a wonderful president he is and I feel sick to my stomach and I want to cry and cry and cry.

And I worry about the world and I worry about what we're all doing to each other.  And I wonder how you get to a place where you think it's okay to gun down innocent people, men, women and children, in a house of worship.  How do you end up with so much hate in your heart?

And did Donald tRump get his hatred from the same place?  And is it contagious?  Or are all human beings that horrible and we just pretend to be good?  Is it just a thin veneer that stops us from hurting and hating each other?

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