Thursday, May 28, 2015

This is where I complain.
Where life is not as I wish it to be.
Where people do as they please.
This is where I learn to breathe
because my breath is truly all that
I can control.
This is where I hurt and
this is where I let go.
This is where I remember
that my children are not mine
but belong to the universe.
This is where I sigh.


  1. Does every mother fight against that our children do not belong to us but to the universe? From the moment I found out I was pregnant they felt wholly and completely mine. And I also feel like I belong to my own mother.

  2. You, your words and the image are just profound. Thank you.

  3. sighing is like breathing in and breathing out
    it's living

  4. I have used this practice in many a trying situation.