Sunday, March 15, 2015


Pyramid Lake
Medicine Lake

Pyramid Lake

Athabasca River

Columbia Icefield, although you can't see the glacier because of the low cloud and blowing snow.

We had a good time and enjoyed all manner of weather in the forty-eight hours we were there.  Spring in the mountains.  Unfortunately I slipped on the ice at Athabasca Falls and hurt my ass and back, as well as breaking the filter on my camera. I was walking like a very old lady yesterday but feel better today.  My back where I landed on my camera hurts the most.  I am most thankful that I didn't break any bones, or my lens for that matter. 

Katie is doing well, having some pain but is okay.  The dermatologist took out a good sized chunk of skin including the mole.  Poor thing.  We hold her down, poke her with needles and then leave a hole on the side of her thigh.  She must wonder why. 


  1. Spectacular photos, again! I'm relieved to hear that Katie's procedure is finished. Please keep us posted.

  2. So beautiful and also so stark and cold!