Friday, March 20, 2015

I love reflections;  they seem like a gift. 

I'm sick again today.  Sore throat, achy, snotty, coughing and my back is still very sore from falling last weekend.  Gaaaaah!  I will live.  It's only a small virus.

Got the news today that Katie's mole was just a mole.  No melanoma!  I am so thankful.  Seems appropriate news for the International Happiness Day. 

That's all I got.  Back to dragging my ass around the apartment.


  1. hope you feel better, deb. that's great news about katie. i'd choose to be sick any time instead of my daughter. i like that in that instance i am selfless :^)

    take care,

  2. That is good news for Katie. One less thing to worry about for you.

    Do you ever take Cold Fx? I swear by it.

  3. Great news about the benign mole!

    I love reflections,too.