Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Solstice.
My daughter called me yesterday.  I can't remember the last time my daughter called me.  She was upset, stuff going on in her life.  I listened.  I told her that she was not crazy, that she was in fact a wonderful young woman, all true.  She called me, her mother.  We've have had a very strained relationship since she was fifteen, almost ten years.  Before that we had a wonderful relationship and I am most thankful that she called me and even more thankful that I can listen and not tell her what to do.  I trust her.  This is her journey, not mine.  I cannot tell her how to live her life, will not tell her how to live her life.  But I will support her.  She is my heart.  I still remember the day she was born as if it were yesterday.  She slid out of me, purple and yelling but she was the easiest baby to care for.  Having her was so wonderful, I wanted another baby, right now.  And then we had Katie.  Miss not so easy.
I also got a text from my son this morning which made me cry.  I love my children so much and this time of year it seems more intense.  They are the best thing I ever did and they are wonderful people, even Miss Katie who astonishes me always.
Apparently I am quite weepy this morning.  Strong emotions make me cry.  I need to stop apologizing for that.  I love my children.


  1. How do our hearts not break in two with the love we have for our children?

  2. No one warns you when you have them. Or maybe they do and you can't really believe it until you experience that soul-searing sort of love you have for your kids.

  3. it's a love so deep it defies words.

    happy holidays, deb. keep loving xoxo

  4. I hear so much love from you. And that photo is spectacular. I'd love to buy a print.