Thursday, December 12, 2013

I was at work yesterday afternoon, standing in the hallway, trying to start an IV on a patient, when I looked up and saw an old friend.  I smiled and hugged him and asked him what he was doing in my hospital.  His wife, my friend, has cancer he told me and I promptly burst into tears.  I asked him how bad it was and he said stage four.

I work with cancer patients all day long.  I love my job.  My patients remind me everyday how precious life is, how random life is and for the most part I'm okay with that.  Occasionally I cry with a patient, but it doesn't tear me up inside.  I understand that we all die.  I'm a nurse.  I've taken care of many, many dying patients.  It think it's an honour to be with someone when their soul slips away from their body.

But all that seems to disappear when it's someone I know and care about.  My friend and I spent many hours together, talking, shopping, laughing, crying.  I missed her when I got divorced.  We drifted apart.  Why did I let that happen?

I sat and talked with my friend a bit yesterday.  We cried, just a little, got caught up.  I showed her photos of my kids, we talked about her kids.

I don't know what will happen to her but I hope for the best.  Mostly I want to make sure I keep in touch with my friends, those people who cared for me and supported me during some very difficult times.

Note to self.  Tell my friends how much they mean to me, keep in touch. 

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  1. Finding out someone we were once close with always kicks our feet out from under us. I think Christmas is a great time to tell old friends that they are loved.