Saturday, December 7, 2013

A walk in the woods.

Things I'm grateful for today.

I finally believe that I am worthy.  Why now, I don't know.  I believe we all possess a spark of the divine within us.  The fact that we are born, that we live, means that we are all worthy, worthwhile, that we matter, even if others have convinced us otherwise, we still matter.  Every one of us.  Me too.

Even if I make mistakes (it's how I learn, how we all learn), I am worthy.

Even if I hurt others, sadly I do this, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose, often because I'm hurt and want to lash out at others or because I am selfish and want what I want, when I want, or because I'm tired or hungry or in pain.  But I hurt others, I know this.  I am still worthy, although this one gives me a hard time.

Even if I disappoint others, don't do as they want, have different ideas, beliefs, wants, needs, I am still worthy.  What I need still matters, it may not be what you want or need but it is what I want or need now.  I am worthy.

What I see, what I hold dear, what I love, what I believe, these things are all worthy simply because they are mine. 

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  1. Yes yes yes yes yes, deb.

    Wisdom you've earned. It's yours to keep