Wednesday, October 13, 2021

 I'm still in Victoria,  waiting for the wheels of bureaucracy to turn.  Jack is caught in limbo between two provinces and apparently the two provinces do things slightly differently. 

The social worker here is a lovely young woman who is doing everything in her power to get us home.

Yesterday Gracie's mom was here and to kill time we went to Butchart Gardens.  It was a beautiful respite in a hellish week.

I'm lonely and I just want to hold Jack in my arms again.   I miss him so much and I miss the big guy who had to stay home to care for the animals.

I'm OK when I'm busy but I'm not busy today. 

Gracie is on her way home with her brother and mother.  Hopefully she goes into rehab but I'm not holding my breath.  Her son however is still stuck here and I can't see him because I need a negative covid test to see him but you can't get a covid test here if you're asymptomatic. 

Fucking hell.


  1. Can you get one of those store bought covid rapid tests? Amazon sells them if drugstores don’t. What a hard time for you all. Praying Jack will be back with you soon.

  2. Fucking hell is right. Fucking bureaucracy.
    Again- how I wish I could hug you. But that, too, would probably require a test.

  3. How can they demand a negative Covid test when such a test is unavailable? That's insane. Could you buy a lateral flow test, as 37P said above? They only take 15 minutes once you have it in hand.

  4. Thanks for the update Nurse Lily. I sincerely hope that this can be resolved very soon with you and Jack on an aeroplane heading home. It's awful to think of him in foster care even if it is a temporary arrangement. Chin up girl.

  5. I would just lie and say I don't feel well, and say you felt feverish. How can they tell? Folks are definitely lying to get a covid test pre vacation. OR say you must visit someone in a care home (I got one for free at shoppers drug mart that way) wishing you strength

  6. I'm with the above commenter. Say you don't feel good because you don't. Emotionally counts. They want us to test but don't allow easy access to them which makes me crazy with rage. I hope you get to be with Jack soon and can go home. I love Butchart Gardens!

  7. This must be so complicated and stressful for you. i hope it works out soon.

  8. Fucking Hell is right.
    Hang in there, girlfriend.

  9. What Colette wrote.

    That photo from Butchart Gardens is lovely. Glad that you were able to visit there.