Tuesday, June 8, 2021

I've been home for the last six days.  My right foot is so painful that I've had a hard time walking.  I went to emerg yesterday to see a doc.  It's extensor tendonitis again, probably.  I need to go for an ultrasound of my foot as well.  The problem is old feet that have been walking on cement floors for the last thirty-five years.  The treatment, rest, ice, anti-inflammatories and physio.  I hate sitting:)

We had Jack for a couple of nights this past weekend.  His other grandparents were supposed to take care of him on Sunday but his grandma didn't want to come back from the lake until late on Sunday evening to pick him up so I said nevermind.  We miss him when he's gone anyway.  He has such strong opinions now and talks so much.  The other day he pointed at a truck and yelled, "Fuck", which apparently is his version of truck.  He is a smart, curious little boy who is fascinated by machines right now.  The big guy is so patient with him; he's taught me so much about "seeing" children and I see Jack blossom with that love and attention.  The big guy does the same for me.  It is a rare gift.

I'm trying meditation again.  How many times have I said that?  Maybe it's like quitting smoking, you keep trying until it takes.  But I'm trying.  

Miss Katie turns twenty-nine next week, hard to believe.  She also has a genetics appointment that day, via zoom which should be interesting with her.  She doesn't like screens, computers, phones, TVs or tablets.  I want her to have more genetic testing because the last time it was done, twenty-five years ago, geneticists didn't have the tools they have today.  We still don't know what caused Katie's disability and I still want to know.  Full circle really because when she was a week old and they found the cataract in her eye, testing started.  Maybe June is the month for blood tests.

The real me, randomly remembering things, just ask my hubby, drives him crazy sometimes.  My brain tends to follow threads, something will trigger a memory which triggers another memory and so on and so on and so on.  Sometimes I end up in the most unusual places but when I follow the thread I can figure out how I got there, even if nobody else can.

Thanks I'm thankful for today.

Paid sick days.

The big guy gets his second shot on Saturday.

Hugs from the big guy and the little guy.

Dogs who have their diarrhea outside.

Rain for my garden.

Flowers blooming and grass growing.

My brother coming to visit.

Gracie working.

Homemade soap.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Right now I'm grateful I didn't die from heat stroke on my walk.

  2. Happy birthday Miss Katie! Oh and I get what you mean about your mind going off on a tangent. The French (or my neighbour, at least) call it jumping from the rooster to the donkey. My mind does the same so don't worry - I'm sure it's a sign of superior intelligence!!! And I hope you feel better soon - or at least get to put your feet up for a while!

  3. So glad to have found your other site now and connect... I get discombobulated with disconnects and finding out how to reconnect to people I've formed Friendships with online! Change can be difficult for me, I'm such a freakin' Creature of Habit! *LOL* I think Miss Katie getting some Genetic Testing would perhaps solve some Mysteries and bring some Closure mebbe? I know I often Wonder what has caused so much Mental Illness in our Family's lineage? Then I sometimes think, perhaps Mental Health Issues are more prevalent than I realize and there's a shitload of undiagnosed folks running around who don't even Believe they have any Mental Illness? *LOL* The state of Amerikkka right now brings me to that conclusion... but, what do I know? *Smiles* I LMAO at the Little Guy saying Truck... or mebbe he did mean Fuck, we'll never know, Right? *Bwahahahaha* Glad the Big Guy is getting Dose Two, Princess T is suffering with her Dose Two of Teen Pfizer, had no reaction to Dose One... Hope your Big Guy has a smooth time of it like The Man and I did? We were fortunate and I fully expected that we'd be vulnerable enough to not do well with the 2nd Jab... it's all so Mysterious how Bodies react, isn't it?

  4. PS: Healing Energies for your Foot, Happy Birthday to Miss Katie... The Son has a June Birthday too, he's reached Middle Age, how can that be, he's my 'Baby'! *winks*

  5. I hope your foot gets better soon. I just looked it up and I think I may get a milder version in my foot. It often flares up while out walking the dog and I end up limping home but it settles after a short while. I now wonder if my shoes are the culprit (mr google suggested that!). Happy birthday to your daughter I hope her zoom consultation goes well. Get well soon. x

  6. Best thoughts for that foot to get better. I have had my share of this tendinitis and it tends to go on. I enjoy the way you describe your connection with the little guy.
    Today I am grateful for the wonderful smell of laundry after drying it outside in the sun.

  7. My brain works like yours! My husband often pauses when I blurt something out that just jumped into my head and then he says, "Which conversation are we having right now?" so he can catch up.

  8. It would be very interesting to see what the genetic testing reveals, if anything. It's amazing what medicine can tell us these days. (As you know!)